Advertising Policy, Directing Marketing, and Revenue Sources
Enacted April 1, 2012
Revised April 2, 2020
Advertising Policies for print and web publications
WJMH accepts advertisements on the following basis:
Eligibility of the advertised products or services
All products or services should be safe and reliable, and not cause any harm to the health and welfare of humans. Advertisements may promote information and technologies relevant for authors, editors, reviewers, and readers. Pharmaceutical products may also be considered.
Any individuals or organizations who are interested in advertising their products or services in the print copies of the journal or on its website are encouraged to contact the editorial office. The acceptance of advertisement will be discussed by the editorial board and will be ultimately approved by the publisher.
Advertisement fee
For one print copy issue, the advertisement price for one whole page will be priced from USD 700 to USD 2000 depending on the location of the page. If the advertisement is half a page, the price is reduced by half. For a quarter of the page, this price is reduced by one quarter. For banner advertisements on the website, the price is negotiable according to the duration of its exposure on the journal homepage.
Liability: Neither the publisher nor the editors will be legally liable for advertisements presented in the journal. In addition, they cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information provided.
Endorsement: The publisher and the editors do not endorse any products or services that are advertised.
Disclaimer: Neither the publisher nor the authors will be legally liable for any of the content of advertisements, so readers must keep this in mind when reading or seeing advertisements.
Advertising complaints policy
Please send any complaints about advertising to: edit@andrology.or.kr
Direct Marketing
Journal propagation has been done through the journal website and distribution of an introduction pamphlet. Invitations to submit a manuscript are usually focused on the presenters at conferences, seminars, or workshops if the topic is related to the journal's aims and scope. As a responsible publisher we are very aware of the various anti-spam laws worldwide.
Revenue sources
As an open access journal, WJMH receives an article processing charge from the authors. Costs of publication are covered by the publisher and advertising revenue as well. We also supported by a Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) Grant funded by the Korean Government. (http://www.kofst.or.kr/main.bit?sys_type=0000).